How to use this site

I’ve just been through all of the comments that people have posted below the lessons and updates on this site. I’ve answered some questions and made a note of the areas that people want me to cover in lessons.

Here are a few points that I thought I should repeat:

  • Please remember that I will publish one video lesson per week (every Thursday).

  • I’ll include some kind of homework task in each lesson.

  • You can interact with me and other members in the comments below lessons.

And here’s some advice about posting comments:

The best way to use the ‘comments’ area below lessons is to stay on topic. It’s tempting to ask questions about all sorts of IELTS and English stuff, but please resist this temptation. Let’s stay focused and ‘together’, so that we study each lesson properly and go deeper into the content. Try to make your comments relevant to the lesson.

The comments areas will lose their effectiveness if everyone simply posts their own questions in a ‘random’ way.

Finally, what will we cover in future lessons?

The short answer is: everything! This site is a long-term project for me, so I intend to make lessons that address all aspects of the IELTS test. I also want to teach as much useful English language as I can.

I understand that people will ask me to make lessons on areas that worry them. However, students often have the wrong idea about what is important and what isn’t. I hope you’ll trust me to make most of the decisions about the content of lessons.

See you in lesson 2 on Thursday!