All of the lessons on this site have been written by Simon Corcoran, ex-IELTS examiner and creator of the blog ielts-simon.com. The aim of this site is to provide deeper, more detailed IELTS lessons than those on my blog.

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Online IELTS classroom lessons

Unit 1: A series of lessons about a writing task 2 topic (teaching facts vs skills). You should follow these lessons in order.

Lesson 1.1
Lesson 1.2
Lesson 1.3
Lesson 1.4
Lesson 1.5
Lesson 1.6

Unit 2: Writing task 1, academic (a table of residents’ opinions about a city) and general (letter to a cookery course director). Follow these lessons in order.

Lesson 2.1
Lesson 2.2
Lesson 2.3
Lesson 2.4
Lesson 2.5
Lesson 2.6

Unit 3: Three important writing themes: having a method, extending ideas, improving vocabulary.

Lesson 3.0
Lesson 3.1
Lesson 3.2
Lesson 3.3

Unit 4: Writing task 2 topic (first impressions in job interviews).

Lesson 4.1
Lesson 4.2
Lesson 4.3
Lesson 4.4
Lesson 4.5
Lesson 4.6
Lesson 4.7
Lesson 4.8

Unit 5: Writing task 1 academic (process diagram) and general (letter to a singer).

Lesson 5.1
Lesson 5.2
Lesson 5.3
Lesson 5.4
Lesson 5.5
Lesson 5.6
Lesson 5.7

Unit 6: One-idea paragraphs. New writing task 2 topic about music and arts.

Lesson 6.1
Lesson 6.2
Lesson 6.3
Lesson 6.4
Lesson 6.5
Lesson 6.6
Lesson 6.7
Lesson 6.8
Lesson 6.9
Lesson 6.10

Unit 7: A series of lessons about writing skills: Becoming an advanced user, writing to improve speaking, the importance of paraphrasing, how reading affects writing, clear thinking and clear communication.

Lesson 7.0
Lesson 7.1
Lesson 7.2
Lesson 7.3
Lesson 7.4

Unit 8: Reading practice and summary writing.

Lesson 8.1
Lesson 8.2
Lesson 8.3
Lesson 8.4
Lesson 8.5

Unit 9: Analysing and improving a band 6.5 essay.

Lesson 9.1
Lesson 9.2
Lesson 9.3
Lesson 9.4
Lesson 9.5
Lesson 9.6
Lesson 9.7
Lesson 9.8
Lesson 9.9

Unit 10: Writing task 1 academic: how to describe a bar chart.

Lesson 10.1
Lesson 10.2
Lesson 10.3
Lesson 10.4
Lesson 10.5
Lesson 10.6

Writing task 1 general: job application letter.

Lesson 10.7
Lesson 10.8
Lesson 10.9
Lesson 10.10

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